Black Lives Matter or A Stand Against Injustice? Are They Interchangeable?

I understand how someone who may not have the same experiences as many African-Americans in America, with encounters with police and the justice system, would see the Black Lives Matter Movement as an exclusive, scary, pointless, or even ridiculous thing. But there are others for example me, my nephews, cousins, brother, sisters, uncles, aunts, dad, mom, friends, and Afican-Amercan communities who share my rich ancestry and the struggle of dealing with prejudice on a daily basis. Black lives do matter enough for a stand to be taken against injustice. When others say All lives matter then you are in agreeance with the fact that injustice against anyone should be rectified and you must be willing to stand against injustice of ALL LIVES right? If cops were being killed at a disproportionate rate I would be at every rally because cops lives matter because I stand with anyone fighting injustice. When you say blue lives matter does that mean that firefighters lives dont? How about we say all law enforcement lives matter along with EMS and Military, but we dont because that is not our focus right now and we see no evidence that supports that that issue needs to be presented or focused on! Then would we also be saying that if you’re not in Law Enforecement EMS or the Military that lives dont matter? So to come back with the ALL LIVES MATTER is stealing the focus off the real issue. The BLM Movement is not exclusive its focused! Ive even heard white people ask well would black people rally if the cops were black and were killin unarmed white people? I always add and imprisoning them at a disproportionate rate and they were receiving harsher sentencing similar offenses as people? My answer is always yes why because now those arent just cops they are people who look like me(thus representing my people) carrying out actions that directly offend everything I stand for and by me standing silent and not speaking about the injustice it would give every white person I have encountered, befriended, or worked with the right to believe that I am in agreeance with the acts of these officers! Kind of like people think of Muslims and Islamic radicals!(thats a whole other blog in itself) Although I don’t agree with every way people have chosen to represent the #BlackLivesMatter movement I understand where the actions stem from. I wholeheartedly believe that people who take criminal actions should receive harsh and swift consequences. As an African-American I know that we can not fight fire with fire because unfortunately it will never be viewed in a light of understanding. So we must fight with information, dialogue, organization, sharing our stories and experiences, and exposing truth by any means necessary without violence because violence provokes fear in the hearts of those who are in opposition or hesitants of our movement. We are the Pitbulls in a nation of Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds, and Rottweilers and although they are all big breeds with the history of biting it will always be the Pitbull who is deemed as a vicious breed when they attack and acceptable if it presents itself as docile. #thinkaboutit #Blacklivesmatter #wemustorganize #thismovementisinclusive #STANDUPAGAINSTINJUSTICE #INJUSTICEANYWHEREISINJUSTICEEVERYWHERE #MY2CENTS #TILTED NOTIONS



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