So here it is I’m blogging!  Im a 28 y/o spouse, parent, amateur motivational speaker (aka I speak motivationally to my friends and family), sports enthusiast, friend, aunt, and student.  I rant on other sites and get called “Dr.  Philla” by friends and family, so I decided to bring my well thought out thoughts, sometimes not so well thought out thoughts, advice, and random thoughts to viewers like you.  Tilted notions is here to maybe change up your views, share your views, or get things off my chest. I’m ready to share my thoughts and feelings on anything controversial and thought provoking (i.e parenting, politics, social media, celebrities, trends, food, stereotypes, sports, and pretty much any thing on my mind!).  I hope to spark new thoughts,  conversation starters, icebreakers, or thoughts that inspire others to think outside the box. Im not here for likes, pokes, or 😄!  Just share if you like what you read and help me tilt some notions.


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